Be happy for them

A lot of times people people get mad at you, but know that they are not angry with you. They are angry because it is you and the only way they think to deal with the situation is to be mad and treat you badly. As difficult as it seems, forgive them, and walk away. Don’t join issues with people who can’t handle your success and be happy good things are happening to you. And you reading, be happy when others are making it even when you are not.

We are one

One of the major events of Pentecost was the gift of tongues. The apostles were able to speak in foreign tongues. They were able to enter the worlds of the people around them; Parthians, Medes, and Elamites, inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the districts of Libya near Cyrene.

Language is not just about words, but language is totality of a people, the heart of the people. With the coming of the Holy Spirit, the apostles were able to enter the heart of foreigners and spoke to their hearts. So, people separated by language, culture and tradition were brought together by the Holy Spirit, pulling down the walls of tribalism, racism, bias, bigotry, segregation, sectarianism, and discrimination.

Today people learn how to speak other languages just so they are accepted. The Holy Spirt enabled the apostles to penetrate the heart of the gospel and the hearts of the people. You don’t have the Holy Spirit when you fight against a group or people being one. If your decisions are born out of tribalism, racism or bias, the spirit does not live in you. During this week of Pentecost, let us shun division born out of ‘he is not from my tribe’. Pentecost is not just the birth of the church, but the need to realize we are one. So let us pull down walls of division and live as one. Let us speak one language, the language of LOVE. #pentecost

Weapons of victory

Just like there are many battles to fight, so too are many weapons for use. But for every battle, there is a recommended weapon to guarantee victory. The right weapon wielded by the right person in the battle field assures a win. By now I guess you should have known who you are. If you don’t, then let me tell you: You are the right person. What we should be concerned with now is do you have the right weapon? For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; (2 Corinth 10:4). Prayer is not just communicating with God. Prayer is a weapon? Do you have that weapon? A few other weapons include Attitude, Studying and self development, and even something as small as a smile or a kind word.


Go through life knowing there will always be battles to fight. But not every battle is won fighting. Hope you are prepared for the darts that are coming your way. It is important you remember some battles will come through your job, your health, your relationship or a spouse. It could even come through a cab driver or a fuel pump attendant, or even treating with triviality the renewing of your vehicle papers.


When it has to do with prayer, we most times seek God for a one good deed or another. We present a list and ask God to provide. We seek him for healing, protection, provision, open doors and favour. I also see and hear people pray asking God to kill or make their enemy suffer pain, shame and disgrace. Hmmmm. Have you thought about you being an enemy to another person, thereby praying God should make you a disgrace too?

This has to do with Lent but should not be limited to Lent. LENT is a time God through the Church is now asking you to carry out a GOOD DEED for him. When we pray, we request God to send our ‘destiny helper’. But in lent God’s decision is to send you as a DESTINY HELPER to another person. Don’t turn God down because if He does the same thing to you, you will not like it.

Let our prayer today be Lord make me a channel of your blessing. Make me an answer to somebody’s prayer. Through me dear Lord, may people come to know how beautiful and sweet you are. PERFORM ONE GOOD DEED TODAY. #onegooddeedtoday

Please share this message and as you do, I know God will bless you. Feel free to share with us that one good deed.

Love and blessings

Fr. Bekomson


There has always been lent in VaLENTine. The only only issue has been we all being too interested in VAL and not paying attention to ENT. So I think part of the reason LENT begins today, the all talked about and celebrated FEB 14th, is so our focus is shifted from the mundane to the spiritual.

LENT is a path we all have to go through culminating in Easter and Easter is a reminder God is Love. Easter is a reminder we were saved by blood. Easter is love because the reason Christ was born as man was to save sinful mankind he did by hanging on the cross.

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us remember Valentine is incomplete with out LENT. It is a good thing to celebrate those we love and be celebrated by those who love us also. But I think it is better to celebrate those we love by reaching out to those seeking love yet can’t be loved, those in need of compassion, mercy, and support….

I am actually looking for a Val, but that means I am looking for someone to pray with, someone to join me as we fast, and someone who understands and see the usefulness of almsgiving. Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday means it is not just giving and sharing memorable times with those we fell in love with. It means spending time with those in need through our acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Finally let us all be reminded the significance of the Ash- dust we are, dust we all shall return.

May we all have a fruitful and rewarding lent and may our hearts be ever more ardent in

faith, hope and love.

With affection and the promise of my prayers for all of you especially during this season of grace. Please do not forget to pray for me and join in our 40days prayer with #wepraytothelord.

Love and blessings

Fr. Bekomson


Hope you don’t think you made it to February alone. In fact, you didn’t make February in your own strength. You had divine company and heavenly companion which is why I say you are not alone. You may feel alone, at other times, you may even do badly, but know the Lord our God is near and you will find comfort and direction in His presence. There has never been a moment in your life our good Lord allowed you to face alone without His help and February will be that way. May He help you and may the month of February bring blessings.

Take off the Mask

Do you know of anybody you would describe as always wearing a mask? Not being real? Always acting and faking? You may have read or heard the story of a girl who pretended to have come from abroad and picked a cab. Pronouncing wrongly and with a British accent, her destination, the cab driver increased the fare and with a scream she pronounced correctly the area and this time, with the local accent and language, the fare was reduced to the actual. The question now is, what impression was she trying to create? Pretending to live abroad doesn’t in any way mean you are better. Neither does it make one more superior. We should learn to love what we have and own. We should try to develop what we have, and instead of being the other person, we should be ourselves. Stop being fake. Stop being a copy cat. Be you. Be real. Be nice and sweet.

I may have judged them wrongly, but I know a few persons who strike me as not being real and when we converse, all I say in my mind is “can you just be real?”. It is like being a queen on Instagram and Facebook, yet in reality one is nothing. In a bid to deceive and feel good about nothing, people go masking themselves. So tell me; are you real or do you need to take off the mask?

This message concerns all of us because so many times we act one way on the outside, but we’re actually another way on the inside. We are one way on social media, and actually another off social media. Because we have weaknesses, faults and fears—things that we think make us less likable or desirable—we’d rather hide them from other people. So we wear masks. We use a concealer. I say to you today; embrace your weakness. Embrace your faults and own up your fears. That is the only way we can get better. Whoever you are, you will need to confront your fear and weakness and until that is done, you will never be able to explore who you are. You will never be able to know what lie beyond the limits set by our minds, fear and weakness.

The danger of wearing a mask is that it misrepresents us. It hides us. We can say, it protects us, but from nothing. It makes us tell and live a lie. What other people see is a lie. It’s not who we are or who we were born to be. What we don’t realize is no matter how much we change the outside, we can’t change who we really are deep down inside. Only God can change our hearts.

We need to realize that God loves us just the way we are right now, and His love for us will never diminish.

And there’s more good news. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says that God is changing us and making us more like Himself, fixing the flaws we want to cover up. We find the same love story in Jer 18:1ff, saying we are a work on a wheel. The master is still making and working us out; a work in progress.

Let us trust Him enough to take off our mask. Let us trust Him enough to be real. If you let go and let God, you will find, as I have, that each day, we are being changed, little by little, into the very image of our Lord.

THOUGHTS TO REMEMBER: Take off the mask.

PRAYERS: Lord, I realise that I often wear a mask in other to fit in and find acceptance. Today I make a decision to find acceptance in You. As You overwhelm me with Your love continue to change me into your image. Amen


These days, practically everything you buy seems to carry some kind of warning on it. Some of these warnings can seem a little ridiculous. For example:

Sainsbury’s peanuts: ‘Warning – Contains nuts’. Nytol Nighttime Sleep-Aid: ‘Warning – May cause drowsiness’. On a household DIY drill: ‘Not intended for use as dentist drill’. Because so many warnings seem almost absurd, the danger is that we ignore them. But not all warnings are so ridiculous.

On a rainy day, some time in March 2012, l had a terrible experience and the car I was driving got stuck. A man had climbed out of his damaged car and ran along the road to try to warn oncoming vehicles of the wreckage ahead but I thought it didn’t matter. I thought I knew the roads so well so I could always find my way. But you know what? I ended up spending a lot of money in towing and fixing the vehicle after water had entered the engine. Not all appreciated the warnings. Some drivers sounded their horns at him and drove on towards the crash. Today too, not many people appreciate warnings.

This mans warning to the other drivers were not only heroic; they were an act of love. Jesus himself often warned of dangers ahead (see for example Matthew 7:13,19,26–27). Jesus knew that in the long run it is more loving to warn people by telling them the truth. God loves you. He does not want you to get hurt. There are many warnings in the Bible and they all stem from God’s love for you.

It is an almost invariable principle of life that what you sow now, you reap later. Much of the teaching in this section of Proverbs is summed up by the verse: ‘If you dig a pit, you will fall into it; if you roll a stone, it will roll back on you’ (Prov 26: 27). In other words, you reap what you sow.

The writer warns against malice: ‘Malice backfires; spite boomerangs’ (v.27). However much we try to conceal our desire to hurt other people, it will eventually be exposed: and we will reap the consequences. Next, he warns against ‘a lying tongue’ (v.28). Be very careful that you only speak the truth about others. It is sometimes tempting to tell exaggerated stories about our opponents. But the writer warns, ‘A lying tongue hates those it hurts’ (v.28). He goes on to warn about boasting (27:1). Don’t boast about what you are going to achieve, as you don’t know what the future will hold. It is all right to receive praise from others but it should not come from your own lips (v.2). Then, he warns against provoking people: ‘Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both’ (v.3). Finally, in this passage, he warns about jealousy, which Shakespeare described as ‘the green-eyed monster’ that mocks ‘the meat it feeds on’. Jealousy is an even more powerful and dangerous force than anger and fury (v.4): ‘We’re blasted by anger and swamped by rage, but who can survive jealousy?’ (v.4, MSG).

THOUGHTS TO REMEMBER: look out for warning signs because there are there.

PRAYER: Lord, guard my heart. May I appreciate when I am warned Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.