It is really hard right now to point out what is more petrifying; the denial of the government or the self-composed indifference of its citizens.

The irrational acceptance of ‘anything wey wan happen, make e happen’ still does not by any chance seem compatible with the reactions of the said people when finally affected by the virus on their sick beds; wildly cry out to God for a miracle.

I still cannot fathom what the fascination is, with this cultural paradigm within Nigerians which has proven to be very destructive many different times than not. Only to buttress the obvious circle of absurdity, the government have decided to fan to flame, news of the absence of the disease in the state; one can only imagine how far the pandemic has explored and is hunting and is yet to be discovered. If the Government says there is no COVID-19 in the state, and we have a completely different view, then it means we have to choose who and what to believe. It means do not throw caution to the wind. It means one has to take responsibility for his or her life.

If the disease is still deemed not to be in our state, what measures has been taken to affirm this assumption? What visible action has been taken to show that something is or has been done to keep it out?

Every day, people are crossing our borders in numbers. Who is ensuring they are properly checked and confirmed to be free of the disease?

The observation of poor compliance to the safety guidelines/advisory in the metropolis is nothing short of alarming. It leaves many of us severely worried for our own safety as a result of the unconscious disregard for our lives those who govern us have shown.

The unproductive and insignificant efforts of the government so far amidst the increasing COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, has only but depleted the strength of attention required to galvanize and or drive the initiative to follow certain precautionary measures that has been devised by best public health practitioners world over.

While the outrageously positive and of course yet to be proven news is being spread by the government official, we can necessarily draw two conclusions from the said inference

• There is COVID-19 in Cross River State

• There is no COVID-19 in Cross River State.

In the midst of many rumors and conspiracy theories, relevant authorities will need to present us with credible and consistent information to strongly fight misinformation and whatever be the case, let us do all in our power to stay safe and not forget other people’s lives are inextricably linked to ours and having common sense and using it will not only save one, but many.

We can still win so that those whose lives we have lost to the Coronavirus will not be in vain. They were are brothers in arms and we owe them victory.

Social distancing, regular wash and sanitizing of the hands, passing gestures or pleasantries without physical body contacts, staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out, using of face mask, amongst others have been listed as possible means to cut the spread of the virus. Viruses are simplistic. They need help to move. The problem, of course, is that the coronavirus is adept at this singular task, and as we trivialize the reality of its spread we can only be jarred by the pandemic’s latest swells.

We don’t have to see before we believe. John 20:29; “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

It does not have to come down or come upon you or someone you know before you can act accordingly.

Just how hard can complying be?



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