The enemy within

Humanity is fading and who wouldn’t agree? By its own hands, it both created and is destroying every string that could possibly hold it together.

For many generations, people have pointed fingers at racism and colourism, being the object of intense division in the world. They are, as a matter of fact right to confront this enemy with so much attention as it has more or less claimed and demeaned the lives of people of color especially in the west.

Through the time of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, Rosa Parks, and other prominent men and woman who fought so valiantly to find a balance between the blacks and whites, till the present day, racism and Colourism still happens to be congenial to many who believe they’re supreme because of the color of their skin which makes it very hard to believe they’ll ever be a silver lining in this incredibly dark cloud.

This irrational ideology has been strongly aided by the great division within and among the black community. Who doesn’t remember the battle of music supremacy in the 80’s by the famous “EAST COAST and WEST COAST”, so fierce that it claimed the lives of some of the strongest black prodigies at the time – Tupac, Notorious BIG, Eazy E, etc

Only to buttress the circle of madness came further dangerous divisions like the BLOODS and CRIPS, who caused several deaths through gun battles, drive-bys, and foisting off every ounce of respect their white oppressors would ever have for them.

Looking further away from the western community, racism and colourism; man by the vigor of an unseen hold upon it, most likely is his own enemy. How you may ask?

As Christians, it is expected that we model our lives after Christ, but is that really the case? Do we not see Christians who even lead this colour feud? With all the Christians in the would, one would ordinarily think the world will be a better place, but far from it because today, white Christians kill black christians, and black Christians kill black Christians. Do we Christians by any chance read and follow the teachings of the gospel? If we do, then what time would we have, to pull down the other simply because of the colour of his skin? or talk down another man’s systems of worship? Or could it be the God we serve is no longer the same? Or do we now have white God for the whites and black God for the blacks?

Until we can identify who and what the real enemy within is, humanity will still without doubt wallow in the fight it has successfully created for itself.

So tell me. Who is the enemy within?

One comment on “The enemy within

  1. Jude Eyo says:

    I think Our strong and bad egos is the enemy within


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