Take off your knee

In a society where conflagration, injustice, inequality, oppression, racism, tribalism and ethnic sentiments, as well as deception, rears its ugly head, sometimes it feels like the walls are fast closing in, and people are choked out of their comfort zone.

It is either the government is comprehensively falling short in its obligation to taxpayers and is not listening to the cries of the masses;

”I can’t breath”, or the political class is failing in her responsibility to the citizen making them feel the weight of their knee on their neck, even as they too scream for help with the words “I can’t breathe”. Is the judiciary left out? No way. Justice is on the shelf and can be bought like a commodity. Enough of them. Let us look at you reading. Are you any better? Don’t you make decisions based on tribal and ethnic sentiments? Because he is not from your tribe, he can’t marry your daughter. You shut your ears to his plea “I can’t breathe”. Because she does not speak your dialect, she can’t get the job. You shut your ears to her plea “I can’t breathe”. It doesn’t get any better. If she doesn’t meet you in the hotel room, she can as well forget about the job. So don’t think you are better. I don’t in the least think I am better either. For some on the other divide, if they are not wealthy and influential they can’t get our attention.

We cheat the poor and the less privileged forgetting they too are wailing “I can’t breathe”. Our schools and institutions of higher learnings are in deplorable situations and we forget our children are the ones crying “I can’t breathe”. Let’s talk about those who teach and lecture our children. Haven’t you heard them say “I can’t breathe”?The condition of our health care system is so bad that one would hardly be well yet we fail to hear the Doctors, nurses, and patients say “I can’t breathe”.

Even our vehicles sometimes are not left out because our roads really are out to take life out of our vehicles.

With the never-ending cadence of difficulties relentlessly pressing against our physical and psychological well-being, we are left to either figure a way out of it or find a companion in it.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, many had cried “I can’t breathe”. But with the coming of the Coronavirus, we now hear more, the cry of many desperate and infected people whose lungs have been taken over by a virus that prevents people from breathing causing what they call an acute respiratory syndrome.

To those of us who can breathe, it is our duty to help those crying “I can’t breathe. To so many others who are also choking and suffocating due to the virus of racism, tribalism, nepotism, bribery and corruption, let us help them.

Let us listen to those crying “I can’t breath” and take our knee off their neck.

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