The math we need to solve

Racism is a sin; colourism is a sin; xenophobia is a sin; a sin that divides the human family, blots out the image of God among specific members of that family and violates the fundamental human dignity of those called to be children of the same Father. Racism is the sin that says some human beings are inherently superior and others essentially inferior because of races. It is the sin that makes racial characteristics the determining factor for the exercise of human rights. It is a sin that say certain race should be made to fit in a box, a sign that says because he is middle east, he might just be a terrorists, while the India man should seek employment perhaps only at the baker’s shop, while an African – American can only reside in specific neighborhoods because they are dangerous and burglars.

On the other hand, colorism is discrimination against people because they have a darker complexion. The idea of racism and colorism is similar. But this time you pick a person based on the fact that they are two shade lighter or two shade darker you make the costly mistake of destroying someone chances of been happy or getting what they have worked all there life’s for. We see many forms of colorism even in our churches when we feel a dark skinned person can not play a role in the Church drama scene because she is not light skinned enough or he should play the role of the Devil simply because he is dark in skin tone forgetting he deserves the role because he is an excellent actor. Whoever told you the Devil is a dark-skinned creature with horns?

When we engage in racism or shadeism, we mock the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:12: “Treat others the way you would have them treat you.” Indeed, racism and shadeism is more than a disregard for the words of Jesus; it is a denial of the truth of the dignity of each human being revealed by the mystery of the Incarnation.

Racism, colourism, and xenophobia are problems prevalent in all societies. It is our collective responsibility to stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes.

No human person willed or created himself. We are all willed by God and have in us an imprint of God’s image. The dignity of the human person, therefore, does not come from the work they do, the race they come from, or the colour of their skin but from the persons they are; the persons’ God created them to be. When we truly understand what Christ stands for, we then would understand love is a universal language spoken by every skin color, race and tribe. Love is the language both old and young can speak. It is the language even the blind, deaf, and dumb understands when spoken to. Love is the language that Christ spoke on the Cross. Love is the language we all should speak.

The late George Floyd our hero even in death has reminded the world love is a universal language and every life does matter.

Rest In Peace George Floyd

One comment on “The math we need to solve

  1. Okpe, Charles says:

    Well spoken Fr. Thanks for expunding of the racism, colourism, and xenophobia. May God Almighty, give us the grace to understand the purpose of sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save mankind and the sacrifies He paid to bring us Peace, Joy, Unity and Love.

    The world we live today we lack seeking God face or rather seeing God in those we meet in our day to day living because we no longer keep acustomed to studying His WORD that leads us to the TRUTH.


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