You and I

It is yet unknown to us what will become of the world in a few days, weeks, months, or years to come. The impact of this pandemic, though have been felt in the past weeks, but the world cannot comprehensively quantify its losses at these times until viewed in retrospect in the future.

With each passing day, medical experts all over the world are putting in a lot of effort, and the pandemic is still maddeningly unclear as most reliable measures deployed to brawl the virus appears to be an impasse. Worldwide, at least 3.2 million people have been infected in less than four months. Economies have nosedived. Societies have paused. In most people’s living memory, no crisis has caused so much upheaval so broadly and so quickly.

People already think it’s only but a matter of time before the world powers throw in the towel and concede to defeat by the hand of this tiny monster.

More importantly, what has been our contribution? Do you stay at home, practice social distancing, ensure frequent washing of the hand amongst others as being requested by the health experts and the government to control the spread of the virus? How well are you adhering?

It’s no news many people have lost their sources of livelihood as well as their moral high grounds, left with no option but to beg as a means to survive as routines provided by the government to help its citizens glide and navigate through these perilous times are wrapped in who you know or who knows you.

I ask the government, and I ask again; When asking for income tax, which in many cases are not judiciously used, do they consider who you know? Why then do they consider who you know or who knows you when we ask for just the basic amenities and a good wage?

The citizens bewail hunger, and the government is asking them to stay home. I am totally in support of the stay at home and no mask, no movement approach, but what is the Government doing to help us stay at home?

Today we are speaking of ease of lock down. I want to ask the Government once again; government did you carry out a risk assessment before implementing the ease of lockdown? Is there any part of the constitution that gives workers the “right to cease work in circumstances of serious and imminent danger to themselves or others”?

Back to the issue of palliative. How many of you reading this message have received anything in the form of palliatives from the government? How many families have received any palliative?

Crime is seeking more relevance in a bid to become more popular than COVID-19, as reported daily in the news.

The question is, what fear should we instead prioritize? The fear of being robbed? The fear of staying hungry? The fear of not knowing who to allow close Or the chief convener (coronavirus)?

The challenges keep graduating with each day. Does it not appear one thing is leading to another more often than not and tomorrow? Remains to be seen.

Where do we go from here? It seems all of the wealth, power, and of course, the mystical colloquialisms are not enough defense against the lurking angel of death. I know too that if we keep trying we will succeed. We will beat Covid-19.

But the choice is entirely ours. Either we listen and do as advised, or we’ll be nothing but business as usual for the pandemic.




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