church versus church

Since the dawn of civilization, the world has experienced profound changes in all ramifications. Changes that have caused man to seek, changes that made him think, and of course, bolster his quest for knowledge. Changes that caused him to question, and with answers provided, he evolved and became.

Where did all the good go? Where did we get it wrong? How exactly did one random chapter overturn the beautiful story?

The evaluation of what is, as against what ought to be, draws significantly the certainty of what should be done.

The world, as we know today, has received a massive blow, and over a short time, the fast pace is becoming very slow and the whole world is lagging behind and brought to its knees, while experiencing significant changes in its social and economic systems.

The church as a significant component of the religious system has been touched and affected and has not exactly had it all easy in its general functionality, which has triggered a massive impediment as regards individuals, families, and various groups gathering under one roof to express their faith and belief in God.

Many might necessarily consider the elbow grease of the government to dwindle the propensity and spread of this calamity rather outrageous and irrational. People are now compelled to stay home even on days they’d elect to gather in the name of the church to pray, sing praises and lift holy hands in one accord as required by the doctrine they subscribe.

What difference does this make?

As Christians, we believe God to be everywhere but cannot be seen because he bears no ontological fragility. He is said to be everywhere at every point in time, whether at home or place of worship. The question here is if God is omnipresent, why then do we have people who think they must always go to ‘church’ to have a church?

It is a fact that many people have more experiences and a more profound connection with faith and can easily connect to God. Others may require being in a particular circle in other to join and find God with their eyes shut in prayers.

Be that as it may, the times we live cemented with fear and anxiety wrapped up in technology and a strong desire to worship God, has however, confronted possible ways for people to engage in worship whether or not they are in ‘church.’

It necessarily shouldn’t be an issue up for debate so long as the word of God and our obligations as Christians is carried out and practiced where ever we are…

You are the Church. Your life is the gospel. What are you preaching? It has to be you versus you; church versus church.

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