We are living in a time everybody is struggling for their lives. We know not the day nor the hour; but when reality eventually checks and our lives stand still in the night giving way to our history, we can unanimously agree upon these three assumptions among others:

• Some people will mourn

• Some will rejoice

• Others will treat it with indifference.

Today the clean slates will cast the first stone; the men without fault and flaws will say it is deserving, the indignant will be feeling hysterical, the wags will most likely trifle with it and get a good humor afterwards.

A chieftain of our nation (Nigeria), a man of power, wealth and strength has fallen by the hand of the handless yet harmful COVID-19, that has brought the world to its knees and the reaction(s) so far is no surprise.

The primal questions so often ignored still remains – is there a man without vices? Is there anyone whose actions has not by any chance caused an infraction on another man’s life? Who is infallible? Who is worthy? – and until comprehensively answered our opinions about other people at the time of their death will continuously aim agonizingly wide off the disregarded reality.

Rather than point fingers and blame people for all the unglamorous situations that confronts us on daily basis, it will be prudent to look within, find our own flaws and work toward a comprehensive behavior modification.

Nobody knows when it will all end. But with the passing of each day, the end draws closer and the only lesson I see here is to ‘live right’.

May the souls of all the faithful departed Rest In Peace.

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