You are a channel and not the source of the blessing. That means you too can be blessed by another channel. Never ever forget that. Remember too; the blessing is from God but through you and channels can be changed. Remember what happened to Saul and David. So even when I come to you begging, remember it’s a privilege that you have what I need and not a privilege that I am asking from you.

2 comments on “Help

  1. Okpe Charles says:

    Good evening Fr. I am Okpe, Chidiebere Livinus, one of your chaplaincy member. Please am your a follower on The Potters Touch, and have not been receiving messages from The Potters Touch since on the 25th September last year, 2018. I will be glad if you connect me again to “The that early morning whisper” Thanks in anticipation Padre to considering my request. Have a sound night rest.


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