Weapons of victory

Just like there are many battles to fight, so too are many weapons for use. But for every battle, there is a recommended weapon to guarantee victory. The right weapon wielded by the right person in the battle field assures a win. By now I guess you should have known who you are. If you don’t, then let me tell you: You are the right person. What we should be concerned with now is do you have the right weapon? For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; (2 Corinth 10:4). Prayer is not just communicating with God. Prayer is a weapon? Do you have that weapon? A few other weapons include Attitude, Studying and self development, and even something as small as a smile or a kind word.


Go through life knowing there will always be battles to fight. But not every battle is won fighting. Hope you are prepared for the darts that are coming your way. It is important you remember some battles will come through your job, your health, your relationship or a spouse. It could even come through a cab driver or a fuel pump attendant, or even treating with triviality the renewing of your vehicle papers.