When it has to do with prayer, we most times seek God for a one good deed or another. We present a list and ask God to provide. We seek him for healing, protection, provision, open doors and favour. I also see and hear people pray asking God to kill or make their enemy suffer pain, shame and disgrace. Hmmmm. Have you thought about you being an enemy to another person, thereby praying God should make you a disgrace too?

This has to do with Lent but should not be limited to Lent. LENT is a time God through the Church is now asking you to carry out a GOOD DEED for him. When we pray, we request God to send our ‘destiny helper’. But in lent God’s decision is to send you as a DESTINY HELPER to another person. Don’t turn God down because if He does the same thing to you, you will not like it.

Let our prayer today be Lord make me a channel of your blessing. Make me an answer to somebody’s prayer. Through me dear Lord, may people come to know how beautiful and sweet you are. PERFORM ONE GOOD DEED TODAY. #onegooddeedtoday

Please share this message and as you do, I know God will bless you. Feel free to share with us that one good deed.

Love and blessings

Fr. Bekomson

One comment on “ONE GOOD DEED

  1. Oyonga Austine Oyonga says:

    My God, kindly guide us through this season of alms giving and reflection on your everlasting good deed of redemption of humanity through your willing death for us. Let us not hold back at any time we are asked of a favour that we can grant. Let us touch lives so that you can touch us further. Thank you for the men of God that you constantly use to speak to us and put us back on track. Bless us always, knowing that we are your hand-made and you love us.
    Thank you Lord I paray!


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