When it has to do with prayer, we most times seek God for a one good deed or another. We present a list and ask God to provide. We seek him for healing, protection, provision, open doors and favour. I also see and hear people pray asking God to kill or make their enemy suffer pain, shame and disgrace. Hmmmm. Have you thought about you being an enemy to another person, thereby praying God should make you a disgrace too?

This has to do with Lent but should not be limited to Lent. LENT is a time God through the Church is now asking you to carry out a GOOD DEED for him. When we pray, we request God to send our ‘destiny helper’. But in lent God’s decision is to send you as a DESTINY HELPER to another person. Don’t turn God down because if He does the same thing to you, you will not like it.

Let our prayer today be Lord make me a channel of your blessing. Make me an answer to somebody’s prayer. Through me dear Lord, may people come to know how beautiful and sweet you are. PERFORM ONE GOOD DEED TODAY. #onegooddeedtoday

Please share this message and as you do, I know God will bless you. Feel free to share with us that one good deed.

Love and blessings

Fr. Bekomson


There has always been lent in VaLENTine. The only only issue has been we all being too interested in VAL and not paying attention to ENT. So I think part of the reason LENT begins today, the all talked about and celebrated FEB 14th, is so our focus is shifted from the mundane to the spiritual.

LENT is a path we all have to go through culminating in Easter and Easter is a reminder God is Love. Easter is a reminder we were saved by blood. Easter is love because the reason Christ was born as man was to save sinful mankind he did by hanging on the cross.

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us remember Valentine is incomplete with out LENT. It is a good thing to celebrate those we love and be celebrated by those who love us also. But I think it is better to celebrate those we love by reaching out to those seeking love yet can’t be loved, those in need of compassion, mercy, and support….

I am actually looking for a Val, but that means I am looking for someone to pray with, someone to join me as we fast, and someone who understands and see the usefulness of almsgiving. Valentine’s Day falling on Ash Wednesday means it is not just giving and sharing memorable times with those we fell in love with. It means spending time with those in need through our acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Finally let us all be reminded the significance of the Ash- dust we are, dust we all shall return.

May we all have a fruitful and rewarding lent and may our hearts be ever more ardent in

faith, hope and love.

With affection and the promise of my prayers for all of you especially during this season of grace. Please do not forget to pray for me and join in our 40days prayer with #wepraytothelord.

Love and blessings

Fr. Bekomson


Hope you don’t think you made it to February alone. In fact, you didn’t make February in your own strength. You had divine company and heavenly companion which is why I say you are not alone. You may feel alone, at other times, you may even do badly, but know the Lord our God is near and you will find comfort and direction in His presence. There has never been a moment in your life our good Lord allowed you to face alone without His help and February will be that way. May He help you and may the month of February bring blessings.