Thank you

From all of us at TPT, we say thank. We thank everyone especially those who have been listening on radio, following on social media, liking, sharing and broadcasting all of our posts. We appreciate and celebrate you. The support and love so far has been tremendous. 
2017 promises to be better as we have alot planned for the new year.

It is our prayer that God steps in, changing every negative situation, so your tears will birth testimonies.

2017 for us is a year of Elevation360… because we will experience steady growth in every area of our lives. 

In 2017 we all shall be on God’s prefrence list.
Stop crying about what you lost because it has given way for better things to come. Your better days are ahead. 

We are super excited because this year 2017 will make us one year on air. We thank the management and staff of HIT 95.9 FM for full sponsorship of our radio program. God bless HIT 95.9 FM. 
It is our plan to expand beyond the city of calabar, and by his Grace we will.

Once again thank you for the loving us. We hope it continues in the new year. 
Don’t forget to keep a date with us every Sunday @6am on hit95.9fm. 

We are united in prayers. 
Love and blessings
The Potters Touch 


May the tears of 2016 water the flowers of 2017. May you succeed in 2017 where you failed in 2016. 

Don’t let anyone make you think you can make it in all by yourself. Like the Israelites in Ex 33, ask Him to lead. 

He won’t let you enter 2017 alone. He won’t let you out of His sight. His word says He will never leave you. That means Immanuel, which means God with us. He is not just with us but He is in us. He will go with you. He will always be with you. 
As a matter of fact He is already there waiting for you. Yes He is in 2017 and He holds and keeps 2017. Have you read Ps 65:11-13; that scripture says He has already crowed the year with His goodness and thy steps will produce abundance. 
In the wilderness and little hills, abundance will be found. In essence where you failed last year, you will succeed this year. Singing and rejoicing will abound. In other words God will elevate you to a place of singing and rejoicing. 
Join me in prayer and praise for our 2017 naming ceremony as we declare 2017 our year of divine elevation. #elevation2017

A son is born

It’s easy to feel alone especially when the tides are against you. It’s easy to feel alone when no one seems to understand you and see things from your point of view. But even in the midst of the loneliness you feel caused by an affliction, or an untold hardship, you don’t need to let your feelings take the day. Even when you feel you are alone, know that you are not all by yourself. 

The fact that people may walk away from you after considering your circumstances, should remind; God won’t let you be alone. 

All hell may be let loose and every demon coming your way. But know this; The Lord your God is with you and will be with you till the end of time. It is only normal for them to come against you. It is also normal for God to come against them by protecting you. So, be encouraged. Be strengthened. His presence will protect you, give you peace and find you favour. 

For unto us a son is born. He is here. He is born for us. 


John 15:6
Have you asked yourself the secret of a baby’s survival in the womb of its mother?Have you asked yourself the secret of a plane taking off and landing safely? If you have thought about it, then just like me, you would have been able to come up with an answer. The secret is connection. The connection is through the umbilical cord. If anything squeezes or clogs up that cord, the baby will literally die, though still in the position, because it has lost its connection. So it is not the position that saves you but the connection. If an airplane losses connection with the control tower, the outcome can be dangerous.
From the onset of your life to the day you die, you need connection. Anything, anybody that looses connection will die. One area you will have to constantly fight the enemy is in the area of relationship. Without good relationships we cant grow. Without meaningful relationships we cant grow because we all need help from people to move us to the next level and you can easily get help from one you have a relationship with. It is through your relationships that you maintain connections and it is through connections that God blesses you. God blesses us through people.
But the ultimate connection is with God. The part two will reveal more insights.
Who are you connected to?
Further reading Ex 15:17, Ps 80, 15
Prayer: Dear Lord help me maintain good relationship with people and most importantly with you. Amen.