You remember poems of sentiment, labour and rest by John Buyan “he that is down need fear no fall”. But I say to you HE THAT IS DOWN NEED FEAR TO FALL. HE THAT IS DOWN MUST GET BACK UP AGAIN. HE THAT IS DOWN WILL REMAIN IN RECESSION. No doubt, as humans, it is ok to fall down sometimes. But it is never ok to stay down. A cursory look at the economic situation in the Country points to the reality Nigeria personified, is down. Nigeria needs fear to fall. Nigeria, hope you know you made some wrong decisions and poor choices. Well, People always do. But right now, what you are seeing should remind you of the philosophy of Causality. There is an effect for every cause. So dear, Nigeria you have to undo what you did.You have to make better choices and quickly at that because your children are suffering and starving. Mother Nigeria, who told you, you can make right decisions, with wrong information? Nigeria! Nigeria! Nigeria! How many times did I call you? what will you do? will you stay down? will you give excuses for falling? or you will get back up again. A good mother doesn’t stay down when the children are hungry. Get back up Superwoman. Get back up SuperNigeria. May God help us all. Jer 8: 4



This is not the time to give up because we face discouraging situations where life has pushed us down. We can learn from plants. Do you know even plants don’t give up, neither do there die in their night season or recession due to the absence of sunlight which is required for the process of photosynthesis, which is storing energy that will help them reproduce and grow? Ps 1:6 says a good man is like a tree planted by the streams of water… Are you a good person? So let us say photosynthesis has stopped, but does that stop the plant from growing? No it doesn’t. Let us also say Nigeria is in recession, NIGERIA-SYNTHESIS, but does that stop growth? No. You know what plants do, there take in carbon dioxide at night rather than during the day, thus avoiding unnecessary moisture loss. That carbon dioxide is then held until daylight returns and photosynthesis resumes. Think about that. Who do we have to hold on to? What do we have to hold on to? It’s simple. We have Jesus Christ. We have faith in Him. We need faith for the journey and we need him as our companion. While having faith it is important to stay good. Darkness will pass. Jer 17: 7-8

Buried but planted

Think about this; Like a seed, you are planted in dirt and filth, having darkness and cold as companions. Winds of change bending you, yet not able to break you. Then comes the rain and cold, the sun and heat. But the more that comes on you, the faster and stronger you grow because you are not buried but planted.
Some people call it a time of recession, but my faith calls it a season for intercession. The fruits you will be reaping starts beneath the dirt so don’t let the times deceive you. Out of receseedsssion will come progression and out of stagnation will come elevation. Jer 17: 7 – 8