This is a job for Jesus

Our story can be found in the book of the gospel of mark 5.The story begins with Jesus on his way to the home of Jairus a synagogue official. Though he was a man of significance and a person of means, but that notwithstanding his means and significance could not get him through what he was going through. You too, need to know, that your significance and means can only get you out of certain troubles, but definitely not out of every struggle.  
So he ran to Jesus and Jesus responded. You see dearly beloved, Jesus does not respond to us on the basis of our means, but he responds to us on the basis of our need and faith and for Jairus, he was in need and walked by faith. Hence the response of Jesus. His beloved daughter was sick and in need of healing. She was in need of mending because she was broken by an infirmity.

It is difficult for everyone to really understand the plight and anxiety of Jairus. But many parents will, because a lot of fathers and mothers have been at that point and place where Jairus found himself. Restless and broken watching as the life of your beautiful child slips away from your grip into the waiting hands of a sickness and even death.
Jairus runs in to a problem. He was facing a brick wall and was so troubled.
Over the years he was able to do a lot of things. He did this; he did that, and was able to handle the other one. But today he found himself in a problem he could not fix, and after trying all he could he came to the conclusion this was a job for Jesus.
Could you today be trying to do what Jesus should be doing? Are you trying to fix the problem Jesus should be fixing? Are you trying to take his place?
Whenever you go in to a problem beyond the abilities of man, do not throw your hands up in the air, giving up and thinking this is. This is the end of the journey.  
Just because man cannot do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
Remember this is a job for Jesus. As you go in to the week and are faced with challenges beyond your comprehension, set-backs beyond your understanding and have tried all you know how and it still doesn’t seem to work, remember this is a job for Jesus.
Just because the doctors couldn’t, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
Just because the lawyers wouldn’t, doesn’t mean it can’t be done
Just because you’re running out of time doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
Just because your are all-alone with no one to run to, no one to look up to, doesn’t mean it cant be done.

FINAL WORDS: Don’t think God has abandoned you. Just like Jairus, call upon Him and he will be there for you. He will bless you and put songs of praise and laughter in your mouth. Remember this is a job for Jesus.