They thought I will be weak, but came and gave me strength. 

They thought I will be poor, but when you came, you gave me wealth. 

They thought I’ll be nothing but came making me something. 

They thought I will die but you gave me life. Thank you Lord for helping me disappoint them. 

Too expensive

We all get hurt either by life or our friends. We can’t also be just by those we describe as enemies. The truth is non of us can go through life not getting hurt and for many, the  hurt lasts so long and sometimes blurs our judgement and even determines our reaction to issues. 

But we need to wake up from the slumber of hurt and pain. We need to move beyond what happened. We need to move forward as far as we can away from the experience. 

We need to realize now is the time to move beyond what has happened to you. Being consumed with the past is costing you your present. That’s TOO expensive.