HE LIFTS US UP: Broken?? You Can Overcome!


So many of us have been broken by abuses in this world. But we need to realize that God will use our brokenness. It is in our brokenness that we truly submit to His will for our lives. It is also in our brokenness that God can use us and our stories to turn our trials into a testament to His Glory. We can overcome our pasts and step into our futures that He has planned for us when we hold onto Him and trust Him with our lives.

I want to share with you this song that has been playing in my head since last week.  I know that it’s message has a purpose and God  has lifted me up with it. He is giving me encouragement and also reminding me to hold onto Him.  So I want to share it with all of you again. It is through…

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Always there

A lot of times, we all have people around us. But It is really important to know who is really there standing beside you to support rather than sink you. There is one person who when he stands besides you ensures the challenges ahead are never greater than the support behind you. Whatever your needs, that one person will always be there opening doors for you to prosper. He is there. Always there. 


It is God’s will for you to have increase. It is God’s will for you to grow. It is God’s will for you to be better.  So no matter what it is; the illness and disease, the sleepless nights, the insults, the false evidence, even the house rent issues, don’t give up! LIVE through it so one day you can DECLARE what The Lord has done. He will surely do something. 

For Those In Christ Jesus


For those in Christ Jesus we are not condemned
For the judgement of sin is where it all stemmed
Christ paid the price, He paid it in full
He cleansed our heart making it white as wool

For those in Christ Jesus we are now set free
From the bondage of sin that put Christ on a tree
We are no longer in bondage, a slave to our sin
When we open our hearts and let Christ Jesus in

He’s the Author of faith Beginning and End
We’re not alone the Holy Spirit He did send
He convicts us of sin, He guides our way
He provides us with light on our darkest day

For those in Christ Jesus we have forgiveness of sin
He is the hope that we live our life in
He provides us grace to walk in His ways
Studying His Word is where I want…

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