Acknowledging God is not something we should just do every once in a while. It is something we should do at all times. He should always be on your mind. When two people are in love, they are so enthralled with one another that they are usually lost in thoughts thinking about the other person. Well, that is how we should be with God. We should always acknowledge Him. Remember if you make God first, He will make you first too.

If you acknowledge God in all you do, He promises to go before you and make the rough places smooth (Is 45:2). The Chaldee renders this, ‘My word shall go before thee, and I will prostrate the walls. God promises to remove all obstructions, to stop all of them that oppose you, and carry you through the greatest difficulties. That means He will cause the right people to show up and at the right time too. He will open doors that you could not open and will give you treasures of the wicked. He will crown your efforts with success.

What is the level of your relationship with him? Does the distractions of this temporary world take your focus off from God? You have to be determined to make your relationship with the Father your highest priority because I can’t know God for you. You have to know Him for yourself and He promises if you keep your mind stayed on Him, not only will He direct your steps, but will keep you in peace. (Is 26:3)

Ask for help

Scripture in Prov 3: 6, says “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”.

Do you know one way to acknowledge God is saying the grace before and after meals?  In doing this, you are affirming you have worked hard, but God still gives the ability to even work.

One other way to acknowledge God is to simply ask for His help, like on a journey you pray “Help this to be a productive trip lord, or help me fine what I am searching for”. That is acknowledging God and you are saying in “God, I need You right now. I want You in my life.”

Acknowledgement simply as it is an act of faith. An expression of confidence that God can help you make it.  It is a conviction that there is absolutely nothing you and God cannot together handle. Acknowledging God opens the door for Him to direct your steps, and to reposition you in the right path.  God will help you find what you seek for. He will put you at the right place at the right time.

You can go about life without calling on God for help. You can even go by the conclusion that your success is as a result of your perseverance, intelligence, hard work and effort you put in. But when you learn to seek his help even in things you think you can do, you will realize you didn’t know anything about what you thought you knew because God’s way always reveals how vulnerable we are and would be but not for his help.

When you acknowledge God, He pours His favour on you, which in other words welcomes you into a phase of ease so that what should have been a struggle for you becomes bloom and where you failed the last time, you pass. That is God crowning your efforts with success.

Today and every day, ask Him for help and let Him lead you and guide you in every area of your life.



God’s promises are so numerous that sometimes we even doubt if He means them and think there are too good to be true. But that is not the case because scripture says, “if He said it, He will do it”(Is 46: 11). God invites us to step into His promise. But our hearts must submit to His perfect will. If we do, we can ask that the promises be applied to us, individually. And then let Him say, yes, no, or wait.

One type of promise the Lord gives us is that of help. Scripture in Ps 33: 20 says the lord is our help and our shield. This means God wants to help us. He wants to help even in the details of our life. This help is seen better looking at what St. Paul writes  1 Corinth 15: 10 when he says “I am what by the grace of God”.  The grace of God helps us achieve. It is not so much about the fact that you are intelligent, smart, or beautiful. It is more about the grace of God which makes helps to succeed. We should be praying asking God not to take away His grace (Help).

Always remember the Lord wants to help. Help to be delivered from harm, financial ruin, emotional crises, help to manage a situation and crises, help for the stubborn child. The key is that God will only be involved as much as you allow Him to be. Don’t just invite Him into your day on Sunday. Invite Him into your life everyday because everyday we need His help. 

Scripture says, “Acknowledge the Lord your God in all of your ways.” Not some of your ways. Not just the big things but in all things. If you start acknowledging God in all of your ways,  the second part of that scripture will be fulfilled in your life. He will help you and crown your efforts with success.


We sometimes see ourselves only in our past and present. We forget God has a great plan for us. All we see is our mistake and failure. We see our disappointments and discouragement. We do not see ourselves in the light of God. So many people live life with a constant regreat. Still pained by the tragedy of yesterday. The truth is if we continue dwelling in what we have been and done God cannot move us forward to the next location. We can’t dwell on the past. We should realize we are on our way forward, the way of the promise land.


Scripture in Eph 3: 20 -21 tells us God can do exceedingly, abundantly above and all we could even ask or think. He can take you beyond the point, and get you there faster than you could ever dream. God can accelerate things up on your behalf. Because your trust is in Him and have absolute faith in His word, things that should have taken you a lifetime to accomplish will take just a little fraction of the time. This is the kind of God we serve!

We see this all through scripture. Moses went from “sought to being killed to the killers adopted grandson”. Joseph went from the pit to the palace. David went from the dirty shepherd boy to army commander and king of Israel. Ruth the poor widow from collecting scraps in the field to being the field owner. If God did it for them, I know He can do the same for you. God did exceedingly with them and blessed them abundantly.

I pray God do the same for you.

I know with Him beside you, you will get there faster than you think and will make up for lost time. Amen


Hiding Place

In the distance I can see the storm clouds coming my way,
And I need to find a shelter before it starts to rain,
So I turn and run to you, Lord,
You’re the only place to go,
Where unfailing love surrounds me,
When I need it most.

You’re my hiding place,
Safe in your embrace,
I’m protected from the storm that rages,
When the waters rise,
And I run to hide,
Lord in you I’ll find my hiding place.

I’m not asking you to take away my troubles, Lord,
Cause it’s through the stormy weather I’ll learn to trust you more,
But I thank you for the promise,
And I have come to know,
Your unfailing love surrounds me,
When I need it most..

So, let your people seek you,
While you may be found,
Cause you’re our only refuge,
When the rain comes pouring down.

steven curtis chapman

Better Days

I read this write up and was inspired, so decided to post it on my blog. The last paragraph is my addition.

When Moses was born, the king ordered that all the male babies were to be killed. You can imagine how devastated this mother must have been. She could have easily given up, but instead, she chose to believe that God was still in control. She put Moses into a little basket and sent him down the Nile River. It just so happened that Pharaoh’s daughter was out taking a bath — at the right place and the right time. She heard the cries coming from the basket. She opened it up and saw baby Moses and fell in love with the boy. She was so excited and said, “I’m going to take him as my own.” She looked at her maids and said, “We need to find somebody that can nurse the baby.”

One of the maids said, “I know just who to get.” She went and found who? Moses’ mother. Moses’ mother was not only able to raise her son, but she got paid for doing it on top of that. Only God could orchestrate all of that.

You may think that it is over, the situation beyond redemption and you are on the edge, dangling on a thread, but remember that even in disappointment and closed doors, God can still order your steps. My prayer for you is that He lines up the right people and the right opportunities so your life be filled with beauty and glory.

How did I get here?

Many times I have had cause to ponder over my life, and one of the recurring unanswered question that makes its way to my mind is “How in the world did I get to where I am?” I am not the most gifted; neither do I possess a greater ability. I also have discovered I am not the most qualified. I have done my best to be faithful; to make the most of gifting and blessing of God for me.

One fact of life is you can only go as high as you can go, and in some cases your greatest height cannot get you the position you sometimes desire. You can only reach a certain level with your education, your talent, your ability, and all the hard work, but it is the goodness of God that will open doors you could not open on your own. The favour of God will cause the right people to notice you. The favour of God will take you places you never dreamed of. If God does not bless you, no one else can ever.

I have heard many people say if God had not been on my side, I would have been put to shame and disgrace. I know like many others, you too can say God has blessed you with favour, promotion and increase. He has made things happen that you could not make happen by yourself.

 It is important to acknowledge and praise Him for God for his  goodness and mercy. Why don’t you take some time today and tell someone what God has done for you. Praise Him because He is worthy. Tell of His goodness and watch what He will do in your future.


Sound the Alarm

Recently many articles have been published talking about how to reduce the risk of being laid off; ten tips, seven steps, citizen’s advice, bulletproof job, and a lot more. All these articles come with ideas, from where I share three main things I think  employers look for when deciding who to keep. They want to keep people who are positive, people who are versatile, and people who are always improving.

Are you Positive? Are you versatile? Are you improving?

Are you focused on developing your gifts in such a way that your company cannot do without you? Is your number one aim on being so relevant to your organization that your ideas are sought for policy formulation? Have you gathered more information about your career and position than anyone else? Have they noticed your absence affects the smooth running of things?

If you take a week off and nobody misses you, all the work gets done and sales are just as good, unless you are the owner of the company, then I think it is time you sound the alarm. If you are not being missed, and your absence felt, then perhaps you are not needed and in a short while, your presence would be described as occupying space. You have to change your gear and start producing more than you have been.

Scripture is clear in Prov 22: 29, when we sharpen and develop our skills, when we work with passion, zeal and a spirit of excellence, we will stand before great men. Superiors and CEOs will take notice. You will be honored as staff of the month, promotions will come. Like cream rising to the top, you will rise higher and higher. And remember, as you keep doing your best, as you stay faithful and keep growing, God will cause you to be noticed and will move you forward in the life of blessing He has prepared for you.

Giant Slayer – (Sow the Seed)

Too many people today suffer from a disease I call “terminus disease”. In other words, destination reached. They have arrived. They have reached a certain level or obtained a goal, or achieve success and now they are basking in life off of what they have already learned. Studies tell us that 50% of people, after they graduate from University, will never read an entire book the rest of their life. One reason why this is so is that people see learning, studying and research as a period of life instead of a way of life. They think, “I am done with school. I have finished my training. I have a good job so?.”

If you are such, realize God never created us to reach one level and stop.  Why do we have 2 after 1, and 8 after 7. There is always room to grow and be better.  Why did God create our arms and legs in a forward movement position and not a backward movement orientation? The mind is always fascinated with new things, which means there is a longing to know more and see more. Whether you are 70 years old or 8 years old, you should be constantly learning, improving your skills, and making effort in being better at what you do.

The key is that you have to realize good is not enough and to remember where you are, is not where you have always been. This translates to meaning that where you are is not where you should always be. This was the problem of the servant in Matt 25, when he hid his talent in the ground instead of working on it. Scripture in Heb 6: 11 speaks about perfection. In other words growth and development.  Make growth a priority and in the context of success, growth is not automatic. It is deliberate. It is a calculated attempt at being better, taking steps towards improvement. You need to sow the seed. Remember that the see takes time to grow, but it does anyway. 

Are you reading books and listening CD’s? Are you taking any courses on the internet? Going to any seminars, workshops and trainings? Do you travel and ask questions?

Don’t just bask through life relying on what you already learned. Today, information makes you stand out. Get more information about your particular area and know more. Is it in music, playing an instrument, teaching, dancing, arts? God deposited so much in you. Develop your talent and become all that God created you to be. Develop your talent and become the Giant slayer.